360° information with the G+B Digital BrandCube


Nestlé PURINA and Posterscope rely on the Digital BrandCube from GAHRENS + BATTERMANN.

As part of an advertising campaign for Nestlé PURINA, Posterscope Deutschland GmbH relied on the cooperation with GAHRENS + BATTERMANN. For an out-of-home advertising campaign at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof station, the Digital BrandCube was used from June 16 to 18 and attracted the attention of passers-by.

Artur Frantz

We are very pleased that we can support our customers so well with the G+B BrandCube, as in this case Nestlé PURINA and Posterscope. The BrandCube is very well received and offers our customers great added value in their promotion thanks to its versatility and presence.

Artur Frantz, Branch Manager, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN Frankfurt

Originally conceived as part of another GAHRENS + BATTERMANN project, the Digital BrandCube is now firmly established in the G+B portfolio.


Digital BrandCube Nestle Purina
Digital BrandCube Nestle Purina left perspective
Digital BrandCube Nestle Purina right perspective