Rent video technology

Video technology rental with all-round service

Because high-quality produced images are remembered even more

We are a competent partner for video technology rental. We supply video technology für event agencies, stand builders and companies, including an all-roud service package.

In addition, with many years of experience and know-how, we are at your side every step of the way and offer you everything you need for your event from a single source:


Content & Concept

Safe workplace

Average concepts


All-embracing planning

Further development

State-of-the-art equipment

Recording to follow-up

Our video technology department has the expertise and equipment needed for high-quality content creation, editing and playback.

Our Video technology Project examples

A small selection of more than 160,000 successfully completed projects and happy customers.

Camera and directing technology

In order to reproduce brilliant, impressive and convincing images, they must be produced to a high standard. That’s why we attach great importance to camera and direction technology for videos that really inspire.

With a variety of cameras, two ultra-modern 3ME 4K/HD control rooms as well as several HD image mixers, we cover the entire range of productions: From the smallest event formats to extensive, creatively designed high-class large-scale productions.

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Daniela Boehmer Kamera Regie Technik

“My colleagues and I give our all to capture creative and special images and to make every event special through their image editing.”

Daniela Böhmer, Product Manager Camera and Control Technology