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Event 2025

Event 2025 – G+B knows the future

What will an event look like in 2025? VIP meeting on the moon? Arrival by drone? Check-in via iris scan? Or only as an avatar from the sofa?

What will we have to adapt to in the future as event organizers, agencies, location operators, trade fairs, customers and visitors?

We will tell you!

Together with our keynote speakers, we discussed new possibilities, new formats and new challenges with you live and digitally on 15.07.21.

We will be happy to send you the link to the entire recording upon request. It’s best to contact us right away.

Do you fancy a quick summary in advance? Then the aftermovie is just the thing for you!

The event video

Elaborate studio production with beaming technology

For the digital customer event Event 2025, the MMC Studios in Cologne provided the appropriate setting due to their size and infrastructure.

Here, our talk guests met to discuss the future of events together with the speakers from the studios in Hanover and Frankfurt who were connected to the event. The moderator’s appearance using beam technology was a skilful preview of the kind of transport that will (perhaps) be normal in 2025.

The set-up of several partly curved LED walls offered plenty of flexible screen space to appropriately complement the spoken contributions with different images.

For the English-speaking participants, the presentations were simultaneously translated in our interpreting HUB digital! in Frankfurt.

The showlight of 100% LED technology complemented the impressive show scenery and set the speakers appropriately in scene.

In the area of camera technology, movable pan-tilt systems were used to create a varied image for the audience, who participated without exception via our livestream.

The G+B Streaming Portal was the virtual meeting point for the more than 500 guests. Here, the stream could be watched live, speakers could be chatted with and spacy pictures could be created with the software solution of our partner MINTANO.

The Event 2025 was a real added value for our participants and inspired them – this was also the result of the subsequent digital survey. We are pleased!

Pictures of the event

Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025
Event 2025

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Event 2025 – 15.07.2021


Event 2025 Speaker Anna Fleischhauer

Anna Fleischhauer

Journalist, presenter, author and reporter

“Experience an event – live, or digitally? By 2025, these categories are history. The faces of the event appear everywhere as augmented reality avatars: on your sofa, in a helicopter in the sky, or from the event flyer.”

Event 2025 Speaker Joachim König

Joachim König

Director Hannover Congress Centrum HCC, Honorary President EVVC

„Presence events in event – centers will integrate the meaningful elements of the digital event world and thus again be the primary event form in the “new normal” after Corona.“

Event 2025 Speaker Tobias Schrödel

Tobias Schrödel

IT security specialist, author, speaker and TV expert.

“You can’t get in here!” used to be a question of clothes. Today, it’s a question of IT security …. and digital tickets. Why? I’ll tell you … at the 15.07. Event 2025. Be there.