Project Description

Bavarian Civil Service Association

Digital Delegates Day

G+B manages the digital multi-day event of the Bavarian Civil Service Association 2021

The project at a glance

For the virtual multi-day event of the Bavarian Civil Service Association, our team delivered the all-round carefree package:

📌️Conception and event design.

📌️Decoration incl. plexiglass panels for safe days out

📌️Technical equipment with audio, lighting, video, streaming

📌️Event direction

📌️Live switching via vMix and MS Teams

📌️G+B streaming portal with numerous functions, such as agenda, voting, requests to speak, and results analysis.

Special features:

The requests to speak could not only be made as written input via the portal, but also as video chat.

To ensure that the voice messages could be heard and seen by all participants in the best possible way, our team carried out a technical check in advance.

In the studio, LED back walls were set up on three sides instead of the frequently used preview monitors in the lower field of vision. Thanks to the 270-degree all-round view, the speakers always had a relaxed straight view into the camera.

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Philipp Bäuerle

Philipp Bäuerle – Head of Production

Pictures of the event

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