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Interpreting HUB digital!

Are you looking for an interpreter for an international video conference or a digital event? We are now offering our digital interpreting HUB in cooperation with the company BBK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH.

Events, meetings and conferences are increasingly being held online in order to further reduce costs as well as contacts. To ensure that multilingual communication nevertheless functions smoothly and that international events can also be realised virtually, BBK has experienced conference interpreting teams at its disposal with its tried and tested network.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is the keyword! Interpreters can be called in from outside at relatively short notice. Remote interpreting not only minimises travel costs, but also conserves other (environmental) resources, because language skills can be used regardless of location and in a targeted manner depending on the subject area.

The complete simultaneous interpreting equipment can be provided by G+B as required. Thanks to our eight nationwide locations, comprehensive on-site support is also possible in combination with the interpreting HUB!

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Interpreting HUB digital!


The Interpreting HUB digital! offers several professionally equipped interpreting booths at the Frankfurt location. In cooperation with the company BKK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen, we guarantee you high-quality audio and streaming with first-class interpreting performance.

You can also use our interpreting HUB at your event – thanks to remote technology, it can be used anywhere!

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Jan Rücker

Jan Rücker – Key Account Manager

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“In terms of reliability, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN is our preferred partner and is also ready for new projects at short notice with their digital solutions.”

Alexandra Kokkinis-Fellhauer, Management BBK

Frequently asked questions about our interpreting HUB digital!

A Remote Interpreting HUB is the ideal solution for easy implementation of multilingualism at international events. A HUB is a permanent or temporary room with several interpreting booths. The HUB is equipped with the latest interpreting technology so that the team can work together smoothly.

Our interpreting HUB, in cooperation with our partner BBK, is located in Frankfurt. With a Interpreting HUB, your events can be interpreted into different languages without the interpreter being present on site. A team of professional interpreters is at your disposal for this purpose.

The interpreter sits in his or her HUB and is connected to your event or meeting via audio and video lines. This makes simultaneous interpreting at your digital, international event much easier.

The most common form of remote interpreting is called Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI). Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is a method of digitally transmitting interpretation to your event at a remote location using the latest interpreting technology.

In German, it can be translated as Simultaneous Interpreting from a Distance. The interpreting is done simultaneously, i.e. parallel to the spoken word in real time – so the participants can enjoy the event live in their own language. We implement Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) via our Interpreting Hub digital! for your online event.

The Remote Simultaneous Interpreting offers you the possibility to integrate interpreting for your event quickly, easily and efficiently. Up to 70 different language variants can be integrated. With the help of a remote interpreting hub, you can reduce the need for space and technology on site.

You also save on travel costs and protect the environment. Our Interpreting Hub digital! provides you with a professional solution for implementing multilingualism at a wide range of events. In addition, the interpreting teams in the HUB can organise themselves perfectly and take turns with each other, which is essential for longer events to ensure excellent interpretation.

Summarising your advantages.

  • Ideal solution for virtual or hybrid events and video conferencing
  • Short-term and efficient event interpretation
  • Professional interpreting team
  • Choice from 70 languages
  • No travel and accommodation costs for the interpreters
  • Saving (environmental) resources
  • Saving space, as you no longer need booths on site (less set-up and dismantling time, less logistics and staffing costs)
  • Easier organisation of multiple interpreters or interpreting teams
  • Highest quality of the technology and services used

BBK is the Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH from Germersheim and our partner for the Interpreting HUB digital! With over 50 years of industry experience and an extensive network in terms of language services, the company under the leadership of Alexandra Kokkinis-Fellhauer impresses with its competence. With the company BBK, G+B has a strong partner at its side for interpreting video conferences and events.

The Interpreting HUB digital! can also be easily combined with other software solutions. We already have extensive experience in working with Skype, MS Teams, Zoom and webex. Feel free to contact us, we will find a solution for interpreting your digital event or virtual, international meeting.

Of course, your interpreters can also use our interpreting HUB digital! in Frankfurt. Alternatively, we can bring the interpreting technology to you.

The Interpreting HUB digital! is perfectly suited for any event that requires the implementation of multilingualism. This includes conferences and congresses, trade fairs, events, both digital, hybrid and live.

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