“Packs small, plays big”

ATOMIC Modular Systems

Under this motto, ATOMIC Modular Systems promises a modular decoration solution that convinces. The plug-in system combines creativity with effectiveness and offers individuality that can otherwise only be achieved through special constructions. Developed by product designers with over 30 years of experience, the concept is adapted to the needs of customers and market requirements on a daily basis.

The successful concept from the USA is available throughout Germany in the GAHRENS + BATTERMANN rental park.

Under this motto, ATOMIC Modular Systems promises a modular decoration solution that convinces. The plug-in system combines creativity with effectiveness and offers individuality that can otherwise only be achieved through special designs. Developed by product designers with over 30 years of experience, the concept is adapted daily to the needs of customers and the requirements of the market.

The successful concept from the USA is available throughout Germany in the GAHRENS + BATTERMANN rental park.

Three-dimensional experience

At first glance somewhat inconspicuous, the panels set in scene with light unfold a whole new depth experience for the eye of your event participants and for the camera.

Flexible to use

Whether free-standing as “SuperWall”, “SuperColumn”, “SuperShape” and “FastWall” or flown as a backdrop on trusses – ATOMIC can be used individually, offers freedom in room and stage design and adapts flexibly to your event and technical setup.

Fast set up and dismantling times

The modular plug-in system stands for easy handling. This saves time during assembly and disassembly. This is how modular decorative construction works today.

Infinite combination possibilities

Let your creativity run free together with us and create individual designs for your event. Different panels offer a wide range of variation possibilities and thus create new freedom in set construction.

Pictures that speak for themselves

Discover new possibilities and creative application examples

Mitsubishi Motors Automobile

Expand the horizon: A stage set flown from the ATOMIC panels “WAFER”, backed with “FROSTY”, offers additional surface for projections next to the curved LED wall.

Merz Pharmaceuticals

An individual design concept for the entire event: The ATOMIC panels “BLUBBY” and “PYRAMID” form stage set, lectern and projection surfaces.

Award of the Youth Literature Prize 2017

Discover the game with light: Adapt your room concept to any situation and create new highlights selectively with colors and light. With “SuperColumns” you can achieve incredible effects with little effort. Depending on the lighting of the individual columns, you get a luminous play of colors or a uniform harmonious feeling of space.

Reformation Gala 500 Years of Martin Luther’s Theses

More space to unfold: “SuperWalls” are ideal as a flexible stage backdrop or as a radiant room divider solution. Use the intelligent solution that combines room dividers, light and decoration. Give individual areas individual charm and unique designs.

The StretchSet UDON

UDON consists of fine, elastic fabric strips that can be stretched and rotated around their own axis for an exciting stage design. With the right lighting, UDON brings movement to the stage.

A spruce without resin, needles or water requirements – FIR

Bring nature into your home with the FastWall creation FIR or provide the eye-catcher at your next Christmas party. FIR is a part of the FastWall product line and is combined with the classic Knot panels. The FIR tree is quick to assemble and is available in three sizes.

Different panels – endless design possibilities

Discover your creative kit – this is what modular set building can look like


When you were a kid, did you also enjoy spending your time playing video games while sipping your Coke and feeling like a king as Super Mario? Wasn’t it nice to wait for one of your friends to challenge your Pacman high score? Think Space Invaders, only elegant, and you’ve got arcade. This FASTwall panel evokes 8-bit video games and retro analog style.


Although the name is taken from Greek mythology, in this case Atlas does not carry the firmament on his shoulders. This ATOMIC panel rather flaunts its wonderful globe design, especially with light brought into focus.


Certainly Blubby is the ideal companion to optimize spaceship interiors. But this panel is also a hit for pod rooms, lounges or backdrops to create the perfect futuristic look.


Buckle is the perfect panel for camera-ready sets or for stages. The linear modern design of the 3D panel not only creates an unforgettably unique atmosphere, but can also be combined in many ways with other panels from the SuperLever product line.


Space offers infinite expanses, Chadz offers infinite possibilities. This semicircular 3D panel is a multi-talent that can only really unfold its multi-dimensionality as a hanging backdrop, as a standing wall or as a free-standing column through light staging.


When assembled, this ATOMIC panel resembles an oversized chocolate bar. Chiclet can be quickly and easily joined together with SuperLever connectors, staged with light or played with projections.


The futuristic circuit design of this panel is a must especially for events that want to highlight the cool industrial look. Put in the spotlight with front, back or up light, Circuit backdrops, walls and columns surprise with a dynamic space charm.


In search of negative space, for example, an object can be presented with the “aha effect” – that’s what the ATOMIC panel Clover is for. Whether staged with light or combined with other panels from the SuperLever product line – the four-leaf design of Clover is and remains unique and offers many interesting design variations for events of all kinds.


Comb ist zeitlos und somit immer zeitgemäß – dank des einfachen und geradlinigen Designs. Im Verbund mit anderen ATOMIC-Panels lassen sich aus Comb individuelle Kronleuchter, Leinwandeinfassungen, Säulen oder Kulissen anfertigen. Lounge-Bereiche, Foto-Shootings, Konferenzen oder Konzerte erhalten durch dieses ATOMIC-Panel einen ganz spezifischen Charakter.

Custom Logo

As fancy and versatile as our designs are, sometimes it has to be your own. And so, of course, any logo can be integrated into our panels in a wide variety of ways. From milled and backlit designs to foil plotting and much more: we will be happy to advise you!


This chic 3D panel is inspired by Egyptian mythology. Edjo is puristic yet subtly eye-catching. Illuminated by front or backlight, Edjo designs appear sweepingly elegant. Edjo can be perfectly combined with other panels to create a wide variety of figures or backdrops.


Bring nature into your home and welcome the wonderful FASTwall creation Fir. It is perfect for traditional Christmas parties or natural wood kept hotel lobbies. Since Fir is part of the FASTwall product line, this decoration can be quickly assembled and expanded (available in three sizes!). What are you waiting for? Venture into the wild with Fir.


Upbeat, lively and cheerful – that’s how Fizz presents itself. When this panel is used, pure joie de vivre comes into play. Because Fizz transforms stage and event decorations into a sea of bubbling pearls. Mounted as a column, wall or backdrop, combined with other ATOMIC panels and illuminated with front, back or up-light, Fizz promises limitless design options.


Flare is part of the FASTwall series and will immediately make your design shine with flashes of light. Flare can be integrated into walls, arches, reception tables or entire rooms and plays beautifully with light and soft accents. Get your sunglasses ready and create sunny conditions at your next event.


The name keeps its promise. Thanks to the transparent ATOMIC panel Frosty, events get a casual and cool ambience. Whether assembled as a column or combined with other ATOMIC panels – when Frosty is set in scene with light, it unfolds its true frosty potential. This panel helps to perfectly implement the trendy supercooled look everywhere and for all events.


Industrial look in perfection gives the ATOMIC panel Gearz. If the individual panels are joined together as columns, walls or as a backdrop, then the wonderfully magnificent gear design of Gearz appears. Gearz can of course be combined with all panels from the SuperLever family, staged with light and easily mounted with connectors.


Ultra-modern and easily interchangeable is ATOMIC’s new hexagonal 3D SuperLever panel, Hive. When this beehive-shaped panel is placed in the center with front or back light, any room is guaranteed to gain in size. Built as a cube or column, Hive cuts just as good a figure as it does mounted as a wall or assembled as a screen surround.


Myth: Lightning never hits the same spot a second time. Fact: Hundreds of lightning bolts are waiting at our ATOMIC headquarters in the form of our Jolt. The Jolts are just waiting to power and illuminate your next event using volts and amps. You can twist and turn Jolt to create different patterns and energize your design.


ATOMIC designers have traveled through time in their lab in search of the fountain of youth and the interconnections of the universe – and they came across Knot. Part of the award-winning FASTwall floor-based backdrop system, Knot combines the purity of design with Celtic elements.


Just like the classic black curtains, Mask is designed to visually blend in with the background at your next event. Are you looking for a freestanding option that will make your lighting or other backstage elements invisible? You can assemble the Mask FASTwall to suit your needs in a variety of heights and formats.


Take a deep breath. Breathe out slowly. Go through the pose Chaturanga and embrace the power of Zen. Then give the OM to the universe. OM SuperLever panels is a new mantra that makes any design even more interesting by forming numerous patterns that look fantastic, especially when lit from the front and below.


The shooting star among the ATOMIC panels. These ultra-light square pillows are very practical, if needed they are prepared to your wall size and are ready to set up with only two mounting points. When Pillow is illuminated with colored light from below or in front, it blossoms into full beauty.


A modular panel can be cool and elegant at the same time. Provided it bears the name Pippa. This ATOMIC panel is a small design beauty that can be used in a variety of ways. Pippa shines particularly distinguished and noble with the help of Back-Light. Mixed with other panels from the SuperLever product line, installed as a room divider, column, wall or backdrop, Pippa offers countless variations for the design of events of all kinds.


Einfach und schlicht ist nicht gleich langweilig und fad. Das beweist das ATOMIC-Panel ProPane. Dieses Panel beeindruckt nicht durch ein aufregendes Design, sondern überzeugt mit Funktionalität. Als 4:3 oder 16:3 Format zusammengesetzt und in Kulissen eingebunden oder als großflächiger Hintergrund montiert, kann ProPane mit Projektionen bespielt oder mit Licht und Logos inszeniert werden.


As fascinating as the Egyptian pyramids is the ATOMIC panel Pyramid. Our prodigy in light and shadow play. Alone or in combination with other ATOMIC panels, staged with light or with projections, Pyramid gives every stage, every trade fair stand, every product presentation – simply every event – that certain magical touch.


For unconventional events, Razor is a must-have. This angled 3D SuperLever panel is literally “razor sharp”. Column-shaped, joined together as a wall or as a full-surface backdrop, illuminated with front and back light or installed with other panels from ATOMIC – the multi-dimensional effect of this panel is always and everywhere terrific.


This open ATOMIC panel is an interesting combination partner. Particularly in combination with the transparent SuperLever panel Frosty, exciting constructions can be built that can achieve impressive effects through lighting. Colored backdrops or backgrounds are given a border or frame by Tube, which looks like elegantly lined-up TV sets.


With the right lighting, UDON brings movement to the stage. The stretch fabric can be installed on the stage using simple rope or even tubes and pedestals, visually moving between 2D and 3D and serving as an impressive backdrop for any type of setting.


Inspired by nature and exceptionally decorative is Violet. The sweeping floral design of this ATOMIC panel brings a touch of Art Nouveau to any stage. Arranged with other panels from the SuperLever product line and illuminated with light, Violet unleashes an aesthetic radiance that is second to none.


Wafer is unusually versatile and, thanks to a click system, very easy to assemble without tools. The modern design of the panel and the modular construction make exciting backdrops – especially for show acts – a reality. This ATOMIC panel brings depth into every room, can be illuminated excellently by light and can be used for projections. The result: distinctive backdrops for unforgettable events.


Timelessly elegant and at the same time sparklingly alive is Xplode, the latest 3D ATOMIC panel from the SuperLever line. The panel lends an extravagant ambience to every room, every stage, every event. Xplode shows its explosive character in all shapes and also in all combinations with other ATOMIC panels. Simply sensational.


A hurricane is coming and its name is YetiFlake. However, it is not necessarily always stormy, but you can also provide stylish elegance if necessary. This SuperLever panel is perfect for a Christmas show, a winter celebration or a concert in sub-zero temperatures. The product looks fantastic on its own, but can also be combined with other SuperLever products.

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