Project Description

Deutsche Wohnen SE

Digital double for Deutsche Wohnen SE

Originally planned as a face-to-face event, the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Wohnen SE 2021 took place as a purely digital event. We transformed the conference area at the Berlin headquarters into a professional streaming studio.

Our team was responsible for the complete media technology with lighting, sound, direction and video with LED for the CEO. Live streaming was also realized by G+B.

The speech of the CEO was supported by a telepromter – just like in a real TV studio.

Following the Annual General Meeting, the internal employee meeting for up to 1,500 guests was held digitally using the same setup. After registering, the participants followed the live stream via our G+B streaming portal. Questions could also be asked and answered immediately via the portal.

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Thomas Koller

Thomas Koller – Key Account Manager

Pictures of the event

Digital Annual General Meeting Technology Employees
Digital general meeting stage
Digital General Meeting Cameras