Project Description


The international fair for computer and video games attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The event experts of GAHRENS + BATTERMANN equipped the opening ceremony as well as the Square Enix booth with media technology.

The project at a glance


Cologne Trade Fair


The technical planning of the video and sound technology as well as the implementation of the entire media technology at the Square Enix booth in close cooperation with stagegroup GmbH.

Realization and transmission of live gaming experiences on computer, Xbox and Playstation stations for the visitors of the booth and the gaming professionals in a separate highlight area.

The presentations of various trailers were to become a special event for the visitors of the booth.


For the staging of various Square Enix games, the G+B team installed a 10.5 x 6 meter Absen A3 Pro LED wall in the general gaming area and a similar 6 x 3.5 meter LED wall in the separate highlight area for the computer role playing game Final Fantasy XIV.

In order to manage the input of the approximately 30 different game stations in real time, two Barco E2 presentation systems were coupled, which transferred the live game scenes to the LED walls.

For the presentation of the trailers, fog and wind machines as well as stroboscope and other effect lights were coupled by means of Pandoras Box and programmed precisely with a time code. The precisely timed show enthused the visitors.

A media technology detail was considered a visual highlight at the opening ceremony. Several high-resolution LED modules installed as a triangle decorated the lectern of German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Co.

Partner / Cooperations:

stagegroup GmbH (booth Square Enix)

KölnKongress GmbH (Opening Ceremony)

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