Project Description

Mitsubishi Dealer Day

Vehicle novelties and circus acrobatics perfectly combined

The Mitsubishi Dealer Conference 2023 at the RheinMain CongressCenter was an event for around 600 dealers whose participation was worthwhile in many respects.

During the daytime event, the latest vehicle models and their benefits were convincingly presented to the guests in talks and with pictorial displays on the 120m² LED wall.

Towards the evening, the set-up changed from row seating to gala seating. Thanks to the close partnership between Mitsubishi and Circus Roncalli, dealers were treated to a breathtaking show. The artists offered acrobatics of a special kind with fast-paced roller skate acts.

For us as a technical partner, this two-part event posed special challenges:
During the day, the lectures and presentations were to be reproduced particularly clearly by means of light and sound. In the evening, on the other hand, the acrobats had to be provided with sufficient light for a safe performance. On the other hand, it was our task to create the appropriate show ambience with light and sound and also to present the live music in the best possible way.

A nice job, with which we were happy to inspire people!

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Images of the event

Mitsubish Tagung
Mitsubishi Plenum
Mitsubishi Publikum
Mitsubishi Setup
Mitsubishi Show
Mitsubishi Regie
Mitsubishi Buehne
Mitsubishi Ansicht Buehne