Project Description

Martin Luther Reformation Gala

For the 500th anniversary of the theses attack, the Protestant churches in the Rhineland celebrated the largest Reformation Gala in Germany under the motto “Luther – devilishly good”. GAHRENS + BATTERMANN was commissioned with the technical concept and development of the stage design.

The project at a glance


Telekom Dome Bonn


Development of a reasonable space concept for over 700 actors without losing rows of seats for the visitors.

Creation of a rigging concept, which meets both the load limits of the roof girder work and the requirements of the WDR in terms of camera-ready illumination for the broadcast.

The use of technology had to be coordinated with the live broadcast on TV and online as well as inspire the audience on site.


The G+B team was already commissioned with the kick-off of the major project. Thus, the technical experts were able to incorporate their many years of experience and creative ideas from the very beginning.

The impressive stage design consisting of ATOMIC design panels, including custom-made special panels with the recess “500”.

The arrangement of the ATOMIC decorative elements, together with a coordinated lighting concept, created a harmonious setting and a unique play of light for the scenery.

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Andreas Feld – Technical Project Manager

Images of the event