In harmony with the environment

G+B moves forward sustainably!

As an environmentally conscious company, we organize events that are both memorable and environmentally compatible. We began developing energy-saving technologies at an early stage and have long relied on digital communication solutions that save paper. We will continue to implement this sustainably in the future, particularly in the core areas listed.


Energy efficient equipment

The GAHRENS + BATTERMANN rental park

The G+B rental park is constantly being expanded to include the latest technologies – always with a view to sustainable and ecological aspects.

CDU goes Event App

LED light: Bright without heat

LED Licht ohne Hitze

Thanks to its low power consumption and low heat generation, LED technology makes an important contribution to climate-friendly events. Compared to conventional light, energy savings of up to 70 percent can be achieved. Our latest investment: LED spotlights.

Projectors: Long-lasting with Eco Mode

Projektor Icon

By selecting high-quality and durable products, acquisition costs and wear and tear are significantly reduced.
Projectors with a so-called Eco mode have a runtime of up to 5,000 hours.

Class-D power amplifiers: High performance – low consumption

Class-D-Endstufen Icon

Through the development of Class-D power amplifiers, the efficiency in the field of amplifiers could be increased enormously. These high-performance audio power amplifiers impress with extremely high performance at low power consumption. Up to 40 percent energy can be saved compared to conventional amplifiers.

Plan and implement events effectively


Events made effective

We at G+B work with G+B Interactive Management Software and live the paperless organization – in our company and for our customers. From booking speakers to participant registration to evaluating new leads. The tools of the G+B Interactive Management Software are linked and interlock seamlessly.

Since all information is made available digitally, not only time but also energy and vast amounts of paper can be saved.

Resource-saving structures


Our nationwide location structure and network partnerships guarantee short service and transport routes. This bundling of competencies and resources enables powerful flexibility.

The advantages for all customers:

    • Short distances
    • Fast and effective processing of all orders


  • Professional service
  • Saving time, costs and energy
  • Innovative through concentrated competence
  • Constantly high service quality

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