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G+B Streaming Studio

Looking for a studio for your live streaming event? For all types of digital events, our professional streaming studios are available to you at selected G+B locations. As a partner of various locations whose streaming studios we technically equip and support, we can offer you the right solution at numerous locations in Germany – also flexibly at your desired location. We are happy to adapt the modern basic equipment in the areas of direction, lighting, sound, video, IT and streaming technology to your wishes and needs.

Digital, hybrid or live event. Any event formats such as company meetings, product launches, press conferences, employee events and even living room concerts we implement in our studios with the appropriate setup for you. As a specialist for event technology, we have exactly the right powerful equipment in our portfolio.

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You are looking for a solution at your site?

We bring the streaming studio to you! Whether at your company headquarters or in a selected location – we are the right partner for you. We will be happy to work with you to put together a studio concept tailored to your needs. Are you looking for a suitable studio solution for your event? Contact us.

Streaming Studio

Hamburg –
Hybrid, online, streaming? Everything is possible in the Altonaer Kaispeicher!

In the Altonaer Kaispeicher you will find perfect conditions for your next streaming event. The location offers sufficient space for applicable distance regulations. Lighting, audio and video technology are already provided on site. The stable internet line with up to 400 Mbit/sec. guarantees a fast connection with your digital guests. And the location has the right furniture for the right setting. Let us advise you individually!

  • Streaming Studio Hamburg
  • Streaming Studio Hamburg Altonaer Kaispeicher B├╝hne
  • Streaming Studio Hamburg Ansicht
  • Streaming Studio Hamburg Au├čenansicht

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Ansgar Bartels

Ansgar Bartels – Head of Sales

Streaming location

Berlin – Locations for Live Streaming Events

We have a wide network of location partners, also in our capital. We are happy to support you in finding a suitable streaming location for your event. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Streaming Studio Atomic

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Christoph Becher

Christoph Becher – Branch Manager

Streaming Studio

Hanover – varied studio space at the HCC

In cooperation with the Hannover Congress Centrum HCC, we offer you a streaming studio in the Red Hall of the HCC. The already existing LED back wall with approx. 20 sqm creates varied backgrounds for your digital events. A basic equipment is given, the video technology will be brought in depending on your requirements. For your digital live events we are the right partner in Hannover together with the HCC! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our streaming studio in Hannover.

  • Streaming Studio Hanover Lectern
  • Streaming Studio Hannover Ansicht B├╝hne
  • Streaming Studio Hanover LED Wall
  • Streaming Studio Hanover Camera
  • Streaming Studio Hannover Blick auf B├╝hne
  • Streaming Studio Hanover with previewer and rig

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Thorsten Evers

Thorsten Evers – Branch Manager

Streaming location

HYBRIX – modular streaming studio

In Europe’s largest TV and film production facilities, we operate the modular streaming studio HYBRIX together with our partners MMC Film- und TV Studios K├Âln GmbH and Staging GmbH.

Feel like you are in a real TV studio! HYBRIX offers you basic technical equipment consisting of video, sound and light. You can expect a 10m┬▓ LED back surface combined with classic TV set construction. We will be happy to discuss any other technical requirements with you. With a size of 320 m┬▓, HYBRIX has enough space for parallel setups. Separate areas for staff, control room and back office are available.

  • Hybrix Streaming Studio K├Âln Talk
  • Streaming Studio K├Âln MMC gb
  • Hybrix Streaming Studio Kamera
  • Hybrix Streaming Studio Moderation
  • Streaming Studio K├Âln MMC
  • Hybrix Streaming Studio K├Âln
  • Streaming Studio K├Âln MMC Gahrens

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Alexander de Blaer

Alexander De Blaer – Head of Sales

Streaming Studio

Frankfurt – our Streaming Studio 10.3 on the premises of Messe Frankfurt

In the heart of Messe Frankfurt, we will soon be offering you a fully equipped streaming studio. In Hall 10.3 you will find the most modern equipment for your virtual events. The high-resolution LED back wall offers countless possibilities for individual design. The studio can be used flexibly for your various event formats. Our experienced streaming specialists implement events of any requirements for you: From social media to completely virtual events. Let us inspire people together.

  • GB Streamingstudio Frankfurt Location Talk
  • GB Streamingstudio Frankfurt
  • GB Streamingstudio Fankfurt Talk
  • G+B Streaming Studio Frankfurt lobby
  • Stream Studio Frankfurt
  • Stream Studio Frankfurt Speaker
  • Stream Studio Frankfurt Spectators

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R├╝diger Reiss

R├╝diger Reiss – Head of Sales

Streaming Studio

Frankfurt – our mobile studio “The Greenbox”

“The Greenbox” is our virtual streaming studio in Frankfurt. The floor space of 34 m┬▓ has enough room for up to 5 speakers at the same time. The trapezoidal structure offers the possibility to present two different scenes at the same time. With its green floor and wall design, the 3D Studio provides a flexible virtual environment for the digital presentation of your products or content.

We are happy to integrate media platforms and customer content into your event. There are almost no limits for your digital, hybrid or live event. In our fully equipped studio, both live streamings and films can be produced at a professional level.

  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt Greenscreen Viewers
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt Szene Lounge
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt Viewers Studio
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt Theke
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt Green Box
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt virtual viewer
  • Streaming Studio Frankfurt viewers via screens

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Artem Jakob

Artem Jakob┬á– Account Manager

Streaming Studio

Munich – unlimited possibilities for your digital event

At the G+B location in Garching, you can access the fully equipped streaming studio in Munich via a separate entrance. Use the 63 sqm action area for digital events of all kinds. The high-resolution LED wall is an integral part of the studio and offers unlimited possibilities for brilliant and dynamic backgrounds at your event. Separate rooms are available in our studios for control room equipment, personnel, back office and make-up. A high-performance internet connection guarantees perfect results for the live broadcast. We are ready for your next event! Get in touch with our contact person for streaming events in Munich!

  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen Ansicht Seite
  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen Regie
  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen mit Counter
  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen Blick in Regie
  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen Blick aus Regie
  • Streaming Studio M├╝nchen Ansicht Frontal

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Stefan Theismann

Stefan Theismann – Head of Sales

Frequently asked questions about our streaming studios & solutions!

Questions & Answers about our studios

We can set up a streaming studio suitable for you at any desired location. As a full-service event provider, we know exactly what is important for a live streaming event. We are happy to assist you with your virtual or hybrid event from planning to follow-up. Contact us and we will find the right streaming studio solution for you, as well as the appropriate hardware and software. An example of a flexible solution is our Studio To-GO “The Green Box”.

The equipment in the streaming studio can be completely adapted to your needs. Additional cameras, audio equipment or lighting – the existing equipment in our Studios can be supplemented and expanded at any time.

As an experienced full-service provider in the field of event streaming, we can also react to your wishes at short notice. Feel free to contact us, together we will find the right solution in the desired time frame.

Of course, people can be connected from other locations. This includes our other G+B Streaming Studios, your studio at the company headquarters, a mobile studio (gladly also by us) in a location of your choice or also participants from your office.

Speakers and participants can be technically connected in different ways. One possibility is the live connection via common video conferencing systems (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.). With Clair Virtual Live Audience, our high-end solution offers the possibility of integrating participants into the stream with virtually no latency. More about this in the image video.

Depending on the size of the studio, we may also implement a hybrid event with guests on site. Let’s discuss which of our studios or locations is best suited for your hybrid event.

All our studios have a hygiene protection concept that is adapted to current conditions. This means that your events are safe with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions & answers about the streaming solution

Various options are available for your individual branding. Directly in the stream we can insert belly bands, wipers, separators and logos in your corporate design, as you know it from television. In this way, we support both the sequence and the image dramaturgy. Branding is also significantly determined by the integration of the stream into the event platform or your individual website. The studio design in your corporate design also plays an important role in branding.

With every stream, personal data of the viewer is collected, at least the IP address of the customer’s end device. This data collection must be documented in order to be DSGVO-compliant. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary forms for order processing and documentation of technical-organizational measures as part of our cooperation. In addition, our Ultra Low Latency package is based on a single server in a data center with full access. With this solution, even the highest demands for the implementation of the DSGVO requirements can be implemented.

We supply our CDN with multi WAN routers as standard, whereby in addition to a wired Internet connection, two LTE mobile lines from different leading providers are also used. Thus, we always deliver your event via 3 lines. The CDN services can be booked redundantly if required.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In a streaming event, the broadcast stream is duplicated in real time and then simultaneously distributed to all viewers worldwide.

With a professional CDN provider, you get all-round support. In case of malfunctions or queries, there is an immediate response and a contact person. With streaming via alternative providers, you have no influence whatsoever on the quality or functionality of the stream, and also no contact person.

With our China CDN, we can reach your Chinese customers safely. Please feel free to contact us.
Yes, we can stream simultaneously to different social media channels at the same time.

Of course, streaming in different languages is also possible to reach guests from all over the world. Please feel free to use our G+B Interpreting HUB digital for this purpose!

Yes, with our enterprise CDN solutions, you can stream great even on your internal corporate network.

The issue of latency plays a major role. Our G+B Streaming Portal has the highest requirements for low latency at your digital event. That is why we guarantee a maximum latency of six seconds worldwide as standard in all streaming packages. For even higher requirements we have the Ultra-Low-Latency offer ready, with which we can guarantee you a latency of less than two seconds. If you are interested, please contact us!

Questions & answers on the interactivity of the participants

We are also happy to offer you interactive streaming solutions for your digital event – for digital events that inspire. In addition to the pure live stream, you can also integrate the event into our G+B Streaming Portal. This is how you turn passive spectators into active participants. You can find more information here.

We place great emphasis on interaction, because this is the only way online community can succeed. The tools used at the live streaming event are crucial for success. In our recommended event platform G+B Streaming Portal, these include a live chat in the stream, emojis for sentiment statements, and a tool for Q/A and polls. We can even seamlessly implement live questions from participants with audio and video.

For the implementation with the streaming platform G+B Streaming Portal we recommend the use of a current device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device) and the current version of the browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. The same applies to the integration on your own website or in social media such as Facebook or YouTube.

We are happy to advise you


We will advise you on your wishes and questions free of charge and without obligation. Please use the chat on the lower right-hand side of the screen or the contact form. We are also happy to receive a call or an e-mail!

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