Project Description


The Confederation of German Employers’ Associations meets purely virtually for the Managing Directors’ Conference – and G+B provides the appropriate framework.

In order not to have to postpone a personal meeting of their managing directors in times of Corona, the BDA used services of G+B Interactive for their conference this year for the first time. G+B created a communication platform for a purely virtual exchange.

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Michael Kugel

Michael Kugel – Senior Account Manager

Images of the event

Participants registered via a freely configurable individual landing page. We support this with individual graphics, branded stock photos – also for different access areas on one page such as exhibition, newsroom or plenum.

From the home office all participants had access to the program, information about the speakers and other guests. The website itself offered a link to the customer’s homepage and the integration of various social media platforms.

The procedure for votings was briefly explained using the button. The customer decided to use push messages, which were shown to all guests in accordance with the moderation by the director. The live voting was accompanied by a moderator and was a complete success in activating the guests.

During the streaming, speakers from different external and internal systems were included. Supported by a direct line to the control room, they were together on a virtual stage and could discuss with each other.

Participants actively exchanged information bilaterally and in the group via the chat function and with the speakers via voting and consultation tools. These could be editorially sorted and activated.

Finally, a feedback form was provided for the evaluation.