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The easy way to register participants for your events

With our attendee management software Registration, you can easily and efficiently record and manage your event attendees.

Hundreds of invited guests to your event, a confusing location and only limited staff to manage the crowds at the entrances? With our software and matching check-in counters, your next event will be a breeze.

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Registration Advance / Online

The G+B Event Software Registration provides you:

  • Creating your event website for attendee registration
  • Save the Date mail dispatch
  • Personal invitation mailing
  • Reminder mail dispatch
  • Participation confirmation email with QR code/barcode
  • Real-time – overview of registered participants
  • User-friendly backend
  • Interface compatible, easy transfer of customer data

Registration on site / On site

The G+B Event Software Registration takes over for you:

  • Contactless check-in at the counter or mobile via smartphone or tablet
  • Printing of admission tickets (badge printing with RFID chip, CO2-neutral)
  • Admission control (VIP area, workshops, catering, etc.)
  • Real-time overview of participants present
  • User-friendly backend
  • Interface compatible, easy transfer of customer data
  • Now also with detection control vaccination status Covid19
Incoming inspection vaccination status

Verification check Vaccination status Covid 19

Directly with the registration on site

In addition to the G+B Participant Management Software, all you need to check the vaccination status is a list of participants with their first and last names. These names must match the information in the vaccination certificate.

Your guest scans the QR code of his vaccination or test certificate according to the European standard on site and thus receives secure admission to your event.

An additional query of the date of birth is optionally possible.

Participant management – simple & efficient

The Event Software G+B Registration takes over part of the event management for you.

You provide us with the content and we send the digital invitation to your event. Your invited guests can quickly and easily register for your event within the digital invitation and already provide important information about the number of people, eating habits or other.

In the confirmation email, your event participants will receive a QR code or barcode, which they can then use to register themselves on the day of the event.

Participant Management self-scanning station

Everything at a glance

The easy way to register guests for your event

Our attendee management software records all visitors digitally for you. This saves you personnel and you know the current number of guests at any time.

It is also possible to position several registration counters at different locations in the venue. This allows you to maintain an overview despite confusing entrances or to regulate access to special areas such as business or VIP areas.

With the G+B attendee management software you keep track of your event participants and your location during the event.

If you want to use additional event software at your event beyond the attendee management, we map the registration via our G+B Event App. This allows you to access additional features such as an agenda, gamification or a list of speakers.

These customers already rely on the participant management software Registration



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Frequently Asked Questions about our Attendee Management Software

There is a lot to consider with regard to the participant management of your event. Our experienced and well-coordinated team will be happy to assist you. We have summarized all frequently asked questions about our attendee management software for you. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

G+B Registration is a specially developed participant management software for events of all kinds. It is equally suitable for companies, event agencies, associations, parties, trade fair companies and locations.

The event software G+B Registration takes over an important part of the event management for you, the guest management. Especially for large events, an efficient participant management is of great importance. With our software you save personnel and financial resources before and during the event. Based on your needs and graphical requirements, we create a professional landing page for your event. This landing page offers your guests the possibility of information, registration and booking. With the software you can optimally manage admission controls, number of participants and your event location. We are happy to offer you even more individual features!

Based on your guest data, we send an email or postal invitation to your event. The invitation contains a link to your event website. On this website, the participants of your event can register.

A simple web backend offers you the possibility to independently create participants, send e-mails and check the registration status. An import of your CRM data is easily possible via Excel (.csv). With just a few clicks, you can quickly and efficiently export evaluations as Excel tables (.csv). No special technical knowledge or system requirements are necessary for this.

Together with the G+B participant management, the vaccination status can also be checked on site during registration. All that is needed is a list of participants with matching first and last names and a test result in the form of a QR code in accordance with the European standard. Other query parameters such as the date of birth can also be added optionally.

Your invited guests can quickly and easily register for your event within the digital invitation and already provide important information about themselves as well as the number of people, eating habits or other information. Also the selection of and registration for workshops can already be done via the participant management software.

Our software ensures simple and efficient participant management: The participants of the event receive a confirmation by e-mail. For live events, this contains a QR code or barcode that they can use to register themselves on site on the day of the event. For digital events, the email contains registration data that can be personalized on request.

Of course, you can use our participant management software not only for on-site events, but also for your virtual and hybrid events. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview of the registrations of the participants of your event.

Yes, our event software can be designed in your individual CI. The individual components of the G+B event registration such as invitation and reminder mail, landing page and badges can be graphically designed according to your wishes in order to support a recognition of your brand before and during the event in the best possible way. Here, we pay attention to user-friendliness and graphic adaptation on all current end devices – keyword responsive design.

Depending on the requirement profile, we need graphics, logos, fonts, texts and the data of your participants and attendees before the events.

We will be happy to support you with ideas and templates for creating your individual invitation procedure and writing the e-mails for your event guests.

As a full-service event provider, we are also happy to take care of the printing of your name badges. This way we ensure a smooth entry at your event! The customizable name badges display all important information and reflect their brand. We offer several badge options, depending on your brand and budget. Just contact us if you need name badges in addition to our attendee management software!

Color backgrounds, logos and other information such as the agenda are printed on the cards in advance. For faster admission, only the personalized information of the guests is printed on the badges in black and white on site. This includes, for example, name and first name or the company name, the divisions in workshops or similar. Our team will coordinate the badges of your event with you according to your wishes.

Participants will receive a confirmation of their registration by e-mail. For live events, this e-mail will contain a QR code or barcode with which they can register themselves on site on the day of the event. Check-in takes place independently or by employees at a check-in counter. We make the check-in process for your event as efficient as possible.

Up to 250 registrations per hour per self-check-in counter are possible during live events.

Our on-site team can quickly and easily register new guests and implement badge printing. Name changes can also be implemented immediately on site.

Your participants’ data is safe and data security and the protection of personal data is our top priority. The participant management software is hosted on German servers. If you wish, we can also host the data on your own servers. Data handling complies with European data protection guidelines.

We are also happy to provide you with personnel resources for your event. Our experts will assist you with check-in, badge printing and on-site registrations and changes at short notice.

As a full-service event provider, we also support you conceptually, from the initial idea to the evaluation of your virtual, hybrid or live event. If you would like to use additional event software for your event, we map the G+B Registration via our G+B Event App. This way, we extend the participant management software and can offer you additional features such as an agenda, Q&A or much more.