Project Description

Yves Saint Laurent

LEVEL UP – The Gaming Experience

LEVEL UP – THE GAMING EXPERIENCE” was the first digital, transnational and interactive educational event for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Education Germany & Austria. More than 1,800 participants with over 125,000 interactions were thrilled by the staged live game.

The location:

The Bootshaus in Cologne is TOP 5 of the European clubs.

The concept:

Each training participant went through different “lessons” in the form and feel of gaming levels. In this way, content on new products and makeup MASTERCLASS was conveyed in a playful way.

Our contribution:

From the initial kick-off to the final implementation, we were able to contribute our experience as a general technical service provider on behalf of Eventconcepter GmbH. This included support in the conceptual realization as well as the implementation of lighting, sound and video technology including image direction and streaming.

The best way to experience our performance is in the following video. Have a look at it!

Our setup in time lapse

Your contact

Feel free to call me for more information about the project:

Alexander de Blaer

Alexander De Blaer – Head of Sales Region West

Pictures of the event