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Individual software solutions for your event

Beyond the G+B Event App and Attendee Management, we offer you other numerous individual software solutions to activate your event guests.

Do you have other creative ideas, special requirements for a software solution or would you like a unique application tailored specifically to your brand? Let us talk.

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Social Wall

Social Wall

With the G+B Social Wall, event participants post live images, keywords, posts and topics. The posts are displayed on a screen in an individual design. A control room can filter the posts in advance if desired. Each post can be commented and rated, making the application interactive for everyone.

We also show external feeds and hashtags from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Messenger, Reddit and RSS.

G+B Sales Presenter

Sales Presenter

Reach your target group digitally and interactively at the live event or at the point of sale

Get the attention you want and provide your customers with catalogs, annual reports, and flyers digitally. In exchange, you capture contact data as well as important information about your customers’ interests.

Usage analyses, customer data and statistics can be collected directly with the G+B Sales Presenter and support targeted market cultivation.

The intuitive user interface invites your visitors to explore and discover. Thanks to the flexible programming, the G+B Sales Presenter can be used on all touch-enabled devices (smartphone, monitors, PC, notebook and tablet).

Lead capture – Capture trade show leads easily

With the G+B Sales Presenter, you digitally record your contacts at the trade fair stand at the touch of a button. You can supplement the data with additional information and retrieve and export it via your personal online portal.

Thanks to G+B Sales Presenter, you benefit from faster follow-up to the trade fair. The visitor data is available to you completely in real time as well as digitally for direct and automated further processing.

Whether national or international contacts, the G+B Sales Presenter can be used multilingually and ensures DSGVO-compliant access to the recorded data.

Capture leads
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G+B Gamification

Loosen up the atmosphere of your event playfully with G+B Gamification and activate your participants

Games are fun and awaken our ambition. They appeal to our natural play instinct and are therefore particularly effective when it comes to motivating employees and strengthening the team building of employees. Activate the instinctive play instinct and lead your events with G+B Gamification to joint success.

With games like Race, Soccer, Balance or Submarine, G+B Gamification offers a varied selection of different games for team building at your event. Let your participants and employees compete in a team together or in different teams against each other, master tasks and create a relaxed atmosphere. Or use the Teambuilding tool for an exciting change in the breaks between intensive event topic presentations and workshops. Thanks to simple operation with their own smartphone or tablet, your participants can get started right away.


Experience an overview of the G+B Gamification possibilities:



Airplane (Audio control)



Submarine (Audio control)

Privacy – The top priority.


We work according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Made in Germany

Completely developed in Germany


Your data is securely encrypted

Creative and digital with the workshop tool G+B Space Café

Create a digital and creative working atmosphere at your workshops and events with our workshop tool G+B Space Café. Up to 12 participants can work simultaneously on a digital surface on 65″ or 98″ multi-touch tables.

The entire area is operated intuitively by touching the surface. Your workshop participants choose between a keyboard and a virtual pen to write down their ideas. The font and color of the spoken contributions can be individually adapted on the workshop tool. Those who prefer to use a creative visual language can choose from over 2,000 different icons and sketches. Even your own visualizations from your corporate design or matching the theme of your event can be integrated into the digital workshop tool on request.


Your idea is not yet included? We would be happy to develop a suitable solution together with you. Here you can see a selection of already creatively implemented customer projects:

Smart DJ

Known from the game show “Schlag den Raab”.

The game principle of “Smart DJ” is basically simple but inspiring. A small car (e.g. Smart) must be driven in a circle by a player. The game software detects the speed of the car and plays a piece of music, which the player has to guess while driving. The trick is that the speed at which the song is played depends on the speed of the car. Thus the music is partly strongly alienated.

The goal of the game is to guess as many songs as possible within a given time.


360-degree recordings for events put your participants dynamically in the limelight and are the perfect souvenir for a special event. They can be used at trade fairs, customer events, road shows, company celebrations and anniversaries, product premieres and shows. This creates fascinating images in panoramic views that can be moved, rotated and posted on social networks.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

A Word Cloud is a method for effective information visualization. Terms and keywords are entered by participants via smartphones, tablets or computers and summarized in a Word Cloud. The more frequently a term is written, the larger it is displayed.

All-inclusive package

In addition to our digital software solutions, we also provide you with the appropriate hardware if required. In addition to reliable preparation, personal on-site customer support is also part of our full service.

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