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The Event App for grandiose interactive Events

Whether for general meetings, party conventions, general meetings, conferences or trade fairs – the event app creates networking among participants, organizes interaction through live voting and improves the event planning options.

The event app is individually designed and optimized with your desired functions.

Discover the numerous possibilities of our Event App for all kinds of events.

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Suitable for the following event formats:

Annual General Meetings

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General meeting & Party conventions

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Congresses & Conferences

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Trade fairs

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More events

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Event App from Gahrens + Battermann

Our event app that creates interactive face-to-face events

Stay in close communication with your audience

With our event app, you guide the participants through the event in a structured and entertaining way. You decide which aspects of the event you want to emphasize.

The goal of modern events is to create an interactive event where a profitable exchange succeeds. With the G+B Event App, on-site events become a real experience.

All relevant event information is available digitally and clearly bundled in one place at any time. Various virtual interaction options such as Q&A, live voting, workshop work, queries, chat and gamification allow participants to be actively involved in the event.

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Hybrid interaction for your events

Advantages of our Event App

Interaktive Events


  • Live voting tool
  • Opinion Polls
  • World map showing the voting result
  • Wordclouds bring life to voting
Vernetzung Teilnehmer

Networking of the
Participants among each other

  • Personal messages
  • Participant list
  • Participant exchange in private chat rooms 1:1 or as a group
Info Vermittlung

Sustainable information transfer

  • Digital agenda
  • Media library
  • Timing before event
  • Workshop registrations before and during events
  • Improved planning process
  • Reduced paper consumption

Functions of the Event App

My planner

The My Planner function enables your guests to register and book workshops digitally in a simple and straightforward manner.


Your guests submit questions in writing in the Q&A function, optionally personalized or anonymous. Preview of the contributions on a moderation iPad is possible.