Digital interpreting technology

BabelBox, our new neighbor in Berlin, offers interpreters the long overdue solution for digitalized conference interpreting.


Interpreters don’t have time to think long about technology. With the BabelBox, they have no reason to either. Because our new Berlin neighbor and cooperation partner has translated the complex activity requirements of interpreters into a novel system concept that makes everything easier.

Here’s what BabelBox offers interpreters to use, whether from home or from the hub in central Berlin:

100% compatible.

The service works with any conferencing software (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.)

True bidirectionality.

Queries or comments can be interpreted back directly without any additional technical effort.


Extreme ease of use: all functions are controllable with only 6 buttons.

Secure connection.

All BabelBoxes and the BabelHub are equipped with redundant internet connection.


NGOs take advantage of the offer at special rates: For the good cause, BabelBox will waive 100€ per day on the package price.

We are very happy to have the Berlin-based startup headed by Janos Müncker at our headquarters. Janos learned with us and now he and his team perfectly complement our technical portfolio. We wish all the best!

Learn more about BabelBox’s services at


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