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Talanx AG

Talanx AG Annual General Meeting 2020 purely virtual for the first time

When the Corona pandemic meant that the Annual General Meeting could not be held in the usual analog format, G+B accompanied this premiere as a technically experienced partner.

The project at a glance

New ways in the AGM business – the shareholders’ meeting of Talanx AG for the first time purely virtual

That Talanx AG would be one of the first German companies to hold its annual general meeting in May 2020 purely virtually was only certain a few weeks before.

Instead of convening 700 shareholders, service providers, own employees and committee members in Hanover, a virtual alternative had to be created.

In close cooperation with the customer, our team from the northern region developed a concept for the virtual event at short notice and a suitable setup at the company’s location.

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Thorsten Evers

Thorsten Evers – Branch Manager

Images of the event

Talanx Hauptversammlung Regie

The company’s own conference room was converted into a television studio.

Talanx Hauptversammlung Regie

There, both members of the board and our camera team could act with the necessary safety distance to each other.

Mr. Carsten Werle

Talanx Hauptversammlung Carsten Werle

In this interview, Mr. Carsten Werle, Head of IR at Talanx AG, comments on his company’s virtual premiere:

With over 93% of the shares, we had a higher participation than in the previous year and also a large number of very well-founded questions. I found Mr. Leue’s speech and the answers to the shareholder questions very informative, and at the same time the event was a good length at just under 2.5 hours and was easy to follow for external parties. That speaks for a good A grade. Stage design and interactive elements I found successful, but prefer to leave the assessment of the B grade to others. …

When asked whether he would also conduct the AGM digitally in the future, he gives the following information:

The virtual format has been enabled by the legislature initially for the year 2020. We are currently experiencing that many companies in Germany are making use of this possibility and trying things out within a protected legal framework. I think that’s very refreshing.

You can read the whole interview here:

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