Sing-along concert at Young Euro Classic 2019


GAHRENS + BATTERMANN implemented the broadcast of the sing-along concert at Young Euro Classic 2019 at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin.

On Sunday evening, August 4, 2019, the Europe Weekend as part of Young Euro Classic 2019 closed with a concert by the European Union Youth Orchestra, which performed Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 at the Konzerthaus Berlin. ARTE broadcast the spectacle in livestream and on the Gendarmenmarkt.


Set up sound system Gendarmenmarkt
Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
European Union Youth Orchestra Audience
European Union Youth Orchestra
European Union Youth Orchestra Abend
Sound technology
European Union Youth Orchestra Performance
Gendarmenmarkt audience at night

“Attention, now sing along” was the motto after the concert. Because for the grand finale, all the audience members were called upon to sing. Both in the concert hall and outside on the Gendarmenmarkt, the guests sang the European anthem “Ode to Joy” in chorus. Goosebump feeling pure and a successful conclusion of the Europe weekend with the European Union Youth Orchestra. The smooth implementation of the live broadcast by the experienced team of GAHRENS + BATTERMANN ensured enthusiasm among the audience on the square and a satisfied customer. Just a perfect outdoor concert hall feeling.