G+B trusts smarteins in marketing

Helping to shape the digital transformation

As of now, G+B is working together with the young company smarteins in the marketing area. We are very happy to have such a dynamic and committed team at our side. Together, we are working on implementing agile, digital structures and focusing even more on the customer.


Our goal is to actively shape the digital transformation and create a more modern G+B that will continue to inspire people in the future. The smarteins team is characterized by a high level of expertise in the areas of search engine optimization, website design & development, app development, social media marketing and the digitalization of business processes.

The advertising agency smarteins GmbH was founded in March 2018 by Jonas Wrobel and Denis Agca, former G+B employees. Since August 2018, the company has been based in Herkenrath, Bergisch Gladbach and has since seen very strong growth. It is one of the TOP 100 SEO agencies in all of Germany. “We are delighted with the breath of fresh air and the many new ideas and opportunities that smarteins has already brought in,” says Marcel Beyersdorf.


smarteins Team Foto