People who inspire

With a demand for the highest quality, G+B employees creatively implement customer wishes and react flexibly to individual requirements with commitment. The prerequisites for this are committed, demanding and practical training as well as continuous further training, including in our own G+B Academy. We consistently implement both and can be proud of the comprehensive know-how of our employees.

We apply the following daily rates:

Staff IT
Staff camera
Staff direction

“Inspiring people – that is our philosophy that everyone at G+B lives by. Our staff inspires through motivation, excellent training and creative ideas. They always find the right solutions so that you achieve your event goals.”

Dr. Norbert Gahrens – Managing Director

Our prices (excerpt):

Employee Function

Daily rate

Project Manager

750,00 €

Verantwortliche(r) für Veranstaltungstechnik

800.00 €

Head Engineer

700.00 €


650.00 €

Operator | Video, Audio, Light, IT

700.00 €

Operator | Specialist

800.00 €

Technician | Video, Audio, Light, IT

650.00 €