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G+B rocks CDU party conference

„Tablet, Tablet, Tablet!“

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The project at a glance

On the weekend of November 22 and 23, 2019, the 32nd Federal Party Congress of the CDU Germany took place in Leipzig. For the first time, an electronic voting system was used. The CDU relied on GAHRENS + BATTERMANN Interactive. All elections went absolutely smoothly. The system was already presented to the federal executive committee and the world press at the federal executive committee meeting on the day before the federal party conference.

Images of the event

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During the first vote of the party conference, a murmur went through the hall, as people were taken with the agility of our system. For subsequent votes that were inconclusive, delegates loudly demanded, “Tablet, tablet, tablet.”

Facts & Figures

Countless hours of time and pages of paper were saved

iPads used
Adjustments to documents and applications in live operation
technical problems


Of course, such a success did not remain hidden from the press for long:

We would like to thank the CDU for the successful cooperation.

This is what makes digitization fun!