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Why rent an LED wall for your event?

With outstanding brightness at low power consumption, LED walls offer the optimal surface for visual impressions such as videos, images or advertisements. Whether at a public viewing in the city park, at a congress or at a trade fair – with the highest image quality, LED walls put your content ideally in the limelight.

But which LED wall should you rent for your event?

We at GAHRENS + BATTERMANN will help you find the right product for you. From consulting and conceptual design to set-up, display and dismantling – as specialists in the field of event technology and event services, we are at your side from the very first contact. We listen to you, determine your needs and find not only the best, but also the most suitable solution for your event. In doing so, we rely on cooperation in partnership and the highest quality.


Sharp down to the last detail:

Our “INFiLED s1.8” LED module

Infiled s1.8

With high contrast ratios, a pixel density of 302,311 pixels per m² and a pixel pitch of 1.8 mm, the INFiLED s1.8 impresses with its outstanding image quality. In combination with the brightness of 800 Nit and a perfect viewing distance of 1.8 meters to 2 meters, it inspires especially in indoor close-up applications and thus expands the spectrum of possible applications for LED modules.

Pixel pitch: 1.8 mm
Pixel / m²: 302,311 px
Area at FullHD: approx. 6.5 m²
Minimum viewing distance: > 1.8 m
Maximum viewing distance (FullHD): < 18 m

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Flexible and rich in contrast:

Our LED module “Absen Polaris 2.5”

As a Next-Generation development, the Absen Polaris 2.5 is particularly user-friendly. Equipped with multi-angle connectors, the Absen Polaris 2.5 convinces with its special flexibility. They allow up to 10° concave and up to 7.5° convex curved LED walls completely without special constructions. Due to the all-aluminum construction, the Polaris 2.5 also has excellent precision and thus offers almost unlimited application possibilities in the indoor area.

Thanks to the only small construction depth of 96 mm and the weight of 9.6 kg, the LED module is one of the lightweights and can be assembled and disassembled particularly quickly. The image quality of the Multicolor Indoor Black LED SMD module is also impressive. With a pixel density of 160,000 pixels per m², a brightness of > 1,200 Nit, a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm and 18-bit image processing, it provides exceptional color and detail fidelity as well as crystal-clear, high-contrast images.

Pixel pitch: 2.5 mm
Pixel / m²: 160,000 px
Area at FullHD: approx. 10.5 m²
Minimum viewing distance: > 2.5 m
Maximum viewing distance (FullHD): < 30 m

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All-rounder in the indoor area:

Our LED module “Absen A3 Pro”

With a pixel density of 63,000 pixels per m², a brightness of 1,200 nit and a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm, the Absen A3 Pro is the right choice for almost all indoor surfaces. Whether as a program centerpiece in a stage set, as an eye-catcher on your trade show booth, as a generous presentation area at trade conventions or as a visual highlight element in your holistic room design – the Absen A3 Pro adapts to all conditions.

Pixel pitch: 3.9 mm
Pixel / m²: 63,000 px
Area at FullHD: approx. 25 m²
Minimum viewing distance: > 3.9 m
Maximum viewing distance (FullHD): < 75 m

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Perfect for your outdoor event:

Our LED module “Absen X5”

As an optimal outdoor LED solution, we recommend the Absen X5, which features a pixel pitch of 5.2 mm and a pixel density of 36,000 pixels per m². With a brightness of 5,000 nit, it delivers best results even in direct sunlight.

Naturally waterproof, it proves to be a reliable HD LED solution for any weather condition even in heavy rain. Despite its robust design, the Absen X5 is flexible in use and enables creative stage designs that are convincing not only outdoors but also indoors. Especially on large surfaces, the Absen X5 delivers a perfect result and flawless images.

Pixel pitch: 5.2 mm
Pixel / m²: 36,000 px
Area at FullHD: approx. 53.5 m²
Minimum viewing distance: > 5.2 m
Maximum viewing distance (FullHD) < 160 m

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Customized further developments:

Our highlights for every situation

You want to shine with video content at roadshows and be flexible at the same time? Use our two G+B LED trailers. With a video area of around 20 m² each and a 360° rotatable display, they offer maximum quality in any weather.

Are you looking for a highlight for your catering lounge or would you like to make your information stand visible to all passers-by? How about an LED counter that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye and present your message on an exclusive surface?

Even LED walls across corners are no problem with our specially developed corner module.
The LED trailer: Equipped with Absen X5 LED modules. Space-saving, mobile, flexible and weatherproof.
The LED counter: Equipped with Absen A3 Pro LED modules. A luminous eye-catcher with an exclusive presentation area.
Corner module: Implemented with Absen A3 Pro LED modules. Ensures seamless transitions and a perfect visual impression.

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Product sheet LED corner module
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