Bergisch Gladbach, 13. August 2018


Nestlé PURINA and Posterscope use the Digital BrandCube from GAHRENS + BATTERMANN.

For an advertising campaign for Nestlé PURINA, Posterscope Deutschland GmbH opted to cooperate with GAHRENS + BATTERMANN. An out-of-home advertising campaign at Berlin's Ostbahnhof station used the Digital BrandCube from 16 to 18 June to attract the attention of pedestrians.

The G+B Digital BrandCube is a 360° information tool, which is a visual highlight and particularly suitable for supporting out-of-home advertising campaigns and promotions. All external and internal surfaces can be covered with individual film according to the customer's wishes and three external surfaces are fitted with split walls each consisting of 3 x 3 46" NEC Seamless LCD displays. This offers the opportunity to present content material such as advertising videos or pictures, which attract the attention of pedestrians as an additional eye-catcher. The inside of the cube offers an area of 10 m² which can be individually designed according to the customer's requirements. The BrandCube is also optionally available as a closed version with four split walls. The cube measures 3.7 m in width, 3.7 m in length and 2.6 m in height.

We are very pleased that we are able to support our customers so well with the G+B BrandCube - such as Nestlé PURINA and Posterscope in this case. The BrandCube is very popular and offers our customers great added value in their promotion due to its versatility and presence.

Artur Frantz
Branch Manager, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN Frankfurt
Artur Frantz

Originally the Digital BrandCube was designed by GAHRENS + BATTERMANN as part of another project, but it is now permanently available in the G+B portfolio.

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