Already last year GAHRENS + BATTERMANN was one of the sponsors of the MEET GERMANY FORUMS. This year, the G+B team extends the partnership cooperation and is the main sponsor of the SUMMITS.

In addition to the EVENT APP from G+B Interactive® and the modular decoration elements from ATOMIC Rental Solutions, this year the G+B team is also sponsoring the media technology equipment and support for the FORUMS and the evening events. As the main partner, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN is contributing its entire range of services to the cooperation. As an innovative event service provider, G+B supports the MEET GERMANY team with know-how and technical expertise in the implementation and ensures the smooth running of the events. In return, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN benefits from one of the largest networks in the MICE industry in German-speaking countries.

Jörg Hendrichs, Managing Director at GAHRENS + BATTERMANN, explains the partnership with MEET GERMANY:

Jörg Hendrichs

The concept of MEET GERMANY already convinced us last year. With the mix of forum and interaction, Tanja Schramm and her team have created an innovative networking event. As a strong company in the location market, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN brings in its partner locations and establishes new contacts in this segment through the cooperation. We are pleased to be able to deepen the partnership this year and to contribute to the MEET GERMANY SUMMITS as a reliable technology service provider.

Jörg Hendrichs, Managing Director, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN Munich

Tanja Schramm, Managing Director of MEET GERMANY, is also pleased to continue the cooperation this year:

Tanja Schramm

We experience GAHRENS + BATTERMANN as an imaginative, innovative, technology-oriented and flexible partner. A partner who encourages us to take alternative paths, to use modern formats & tools and to network our network partners live & digitally.

Tanja Schramm, Managing Director of MEET GERMANY

The MEET GERMANY SUMMIT on March 27 and 28 in Munich marked the start of this year’s event series. Within the communicative framework of the FORUM, the G+B team of the Munich branch presented GAHRENS + BATTERMANN’s extensive service portfolio. In addition to media technology services, event participants were able to discover the EVENT APP and TEAMPLAY from G+B Interactive®. With the software tools of G+B Interactive® GAHRENS + BATTERMANN offers innovative and digital solutions for the event industry and showed the participants of the FOREN the use in practice. Designed in the corporate design of the MEET GERMANY SUMMITS, the EVENT APP was actively involved in the event in the form of live voting. In addition, guests were able to view the agenda here and get to know the basic functions of the versatile app.

With gamification via the software tool TEAMPLAY, Leon Schönberg, Sales G+B Interactive®, put a smile on the faces of the event participants:

Leon Schönberg

TEAMPLAY makes people shine, which is always nice. Along the way, MEET guests learned a way to digitally implement interaction, fun and team building at your event.

Leon Schönberg, Sales G+B Interactive®, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN Cologne

After the location visits in the afternoon, the day ended with the Design Night at the Design Offices Munich Arnulfpark, where another surprise awaited the GAHRENS + BATTERMANN team. For the extensive social media coverage around the MEET GERMANY FORUMs last year, the G+B team received the Social Media Award 2018 from MEET GERMANY.


Leon Schönberg G+B Interactive
Dekobau Atomic Rental Solutions
Marcel Beyersdorf and Dennis Dippel from GAHRENS + BATTERMANN with Simke Leifert and Tanja Schramm from MEET GERMANY.
G+B main partner of MEET GERMANY
G+B Interactive Teamplay
MEET GERMANY presents Social Media Award 2018 to G+B