More than 30 years of success

From the very outset a pronounced service concept by Kurt-Werner Gahrens and Jürgen Battermann formed the basis for the foundation and development of the company in 1983. With a special flair for innovation, the first G+B self-development follows one year later: the "Scouty" - a video monitor with integrated video recorder - An innovation on the market and brings GAHRENS + BATTERMANN to success, which continues into the present time.


Read here the impressive success story full of exciting projects and innovative products.


GAHRENS + BATTERMANN takes over Hamburg Showtechnik

Since 16 July 2018, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN has taken over the business operations and employees of Hamburg Showtechnik HST GmbH, one of Hamburg's largest suppliers of event technology. With the takeover, G+B continues to grow and expands its position as one of the leading event technology service providers in the Hamburg area.



After 35 years of corporate success, our G + B logo has a vibrant new design. With customised yet familiar lettering and a new, contemporary logo design, we are ready to go for the next 35 years and beyond. Working together as a team, we implement our signature concept “Inspire People” on a daily basis with a lot of passion, attention to detail and partnership-based collaboration.  


GAHRENS + BATTERMANN is changing its legal form

Since 15th August the company has been operated as GAHRENS + BATTERMANN GmbH & Co. KG. The general partner is newly-established management company G+B Management GmbH, which is taking over the legal representation and management of the full service provider in the field of event technology.

ATOMIC Rental Solutions

ATOMIC Rental Solutions: G+B is the company’s exclusive partner in Germany

The success concept from the USA provides different panel motives which impressive and individual design options can be realised. GAHRENS + BATTERMANN operates the market in Germany as the company’s exclusive Partner.


Replenishment of the LED rental park

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN carried out a major replenishment of its LED rental park in the early summer of 2016. In the future, more than  500 m² Absen X5 Modules modules will be available to customers. Their versatility and flexibility make them suitable for both the event area and the trade fair area.


Web site with new Look & Feel

After several months of development, the event specialists are back online with the relaunch of their Internet presence on a platform that is both modern and comprehensive.


Space Café: A digital workshop method

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN has developed the G+B Interactive Space Café. The content and purpose of the concept is the creative, solution-oriented exchange of ideas and getting to know other perspectives and viewpoints. In a creative group process, visions, strategies and mission statements can be jointly developed and graphically documented on a digital Space Café table.


New trucks with mobile LED wall

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN has updated its fleet of LED-mobiles and considerably extended the range of options. The fact that there is more screen area on a smaller trailer area opens up many new usage areas. A major special feature is the LED display that can be rotated by 360 degrees.

Eröffnung Lager Nord GAHRENS + BATTERMANN

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN moves into new premises in Hamburg and Hanover and concentrates logistics in Berlin

Concentrating logistics in Berlin will help to adjust processes and product flows to the increasing number of projects and events.

G+B Interactive

G+B interaktiv becomes G+B Interactive®

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN achieves a new brand presence with software innovation  G+B Interactive®



GAHRENS + BATTERMANN celebrates its 30th anniversary. Three decades of challenges, exciting projects and innovative products


Software expertise and Product launch icoms®

As well as pure video, audio, lighting and IT, content handling is becoming an increasingly important part of the profile. 
The new management system for events: From event planning to delegate registration, conference websites, slide centre or dedicated apps for smartphones, all the way to complete on-site management.


Partner Network continues to grow

GAHRENS + BATTERMANN extends its service network: Our new partner is Petri Konferenztechnik from Nuremberg. The benefits of quick on-site service and short distances mean reduced logistics costs for customers. Steiner Mediensysteme from Vienna has been a business partner of GAHRENS + BATTERMANN since 2000.

G+B i-nteraktiv

Launch of G+B i-nteraktiv®

In 2010 GAHRENS + BATTERMANN brings a new product onto the market: the G+B i-nteraktiv® electronic event guide ensures involved and enthusiastic participants with the iPod touch or iPad.


GAHRENS + BATTERMANN becomes a partner of mygreenmeeting.de

As a partner of the mygreenmeeting.de network of excellence, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN shares its ecological commitment with the other network partners. For climate friendly and sustainable events.


25 years of “Rent more than technology”

Even after 25 years the pioneering principles of GAHRENS + BATTERMANN still remain at the heart of our philosophy: a concentration on the needs of customers and a determination to provide custom-made media-technical solutions.  The key to this approach rests with motivated employees, skill and innovative energy.

G+B Akademie

Setting up of the G+B Academy

The G+B Academy (Alter Trassweg 46, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach) was founded in the context of a business partnership with IHK Cologne. The instruction provided by the academy includes practical training for Masters students of Media Technology.  


20 years media rental service

For 20 years GAHRENS + BATTERMANN has been equipping trade fairs and events with media equipment.
But technology is just part of the service: advice, planning, design and installation together with the stand-by service that we provide at the venue – in short the full service – are what make our service special.


    Locations in: Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna

    Their specialists in the fields of video, audio, light and computer equipment, a nationwide service network with nine locations and just as much commitment as when the company started out, make GAHRENS + BATTERMANN one of the leading media service providers in Europe.


    Hiving off the trading activities into the newly-founded investment company G+B Medientechnik GmbH

    G+B Medientechnik GmbH operates in trading and the system integration of presentation, production and communication technology products.


    Investment in outdoor video technology

    With the purchase of the two LED showtrucks and the JumboTron investments in the outdoor sector are intensified. For the ideal supervision of the activities a new department is created.

    Audio- und Lichttechnik als neue Kernkompetenzen

    Audio and light and more company buildings in Lustheide

    For a long time now pictures alone have been inadequate for company communication. In order to offer its customers everything from one source, Gahrens + Battermann is extending the range of products it rents out to include professional audio and lighting equipment. Looked after by the newly established Stage, Audio and Lighting Department (Bühne, Licht, Ton - BLT).

    The second company building (“Lustheide II”) is built at Lustheide 77, providing space for the media design , split departments and the rental pool for split systems.  In 1999 work finishes on another building at Lustheide 85, which is now home to different departments and partner companies.


    G+B catalogue surprises the sector

    As one of the first in the sector, in September 1992 GAHRENS + BATTERMANN published the first complete product catalogue. The whole range of products is highlighted in photos, descriptions and price lists.


    Media OnLine (MOL) offers multinational design service.

    The service spectrum providing everything related to rented technical equipment is being expanded: the new department, Media OnLine, provides ideal visualisation of communication contents. Technical and graphical know-how creates synergies, which are reflected in 2D graphics and later also in 3D graphics, multimedia applications, video productions and since 2000 also in the sphere of DVD mastering.

    1990 GAHRENS + BATTERMANN expandiert

    First branches in Hanover and Frankfurt

    The service concept above all also includes the closest possible contact with customers and the fastest on-location service. The first branch was founded in the trade fair city of Hanover, and three months later another was opened in Frankfurt. By the year 2000 four more branches were established and the company also participated in Balzer Medientechnik in Stuttgart and Steiner Mediensysteme in Vienna.


    Profession picture communication

    The range of products has in the meantime seen a remarkable growth. In addition to the Scouty, a comprehensive line-up of video and data monitors, VHS recorders, U-matic systems and rear projection split-image screens are now rented out. GAHRENS + BATTERMANN is now also a "Sony Professional Partner".

    1984 die erste Eigenentwicklung - der Scouty

    Setting a successful course with the Scouty

    The first product which GAHRENS + BATTERMANN developed themselves was the "Scouty". This is a video monitor with integrated video recorder. A whole product family was developed out of the Scouty 36.

    1983 Gründung von GAHRENS + BATTERMANN

    Foundation by Kurt-Werner Gahrens and Jürgen Battermann

    From the very outset a pronounced service concept formed the basis for the foundation and development of the company. At the beginning of 1984 a total of 4 employees (including the founders) plus two part-time workers commenced operations, putting a lot of commitment into selling and renting audio and video equipment.

    FOR 35 YEARS

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